When uploading files via our homepage, you will be issued a public URL to the file upon upload completion.

When uploading files via your dashboard, you can hover over the dropdown menu icon in the top right corner of each file. 

From the dropdown menu, you can choose "Quick link" which will instantly copy the shortened file URL to your clipboard, or you can click "Advanced links" which will open a new modal. 

From here you can choose the full file URL, the shortened version, forum code link and html link codes.

By default, all files are public, but can only be accessed by people with whom you share the file URL.

For extra security, you can also password protect files, which can be set via the file dropdown menu. 

Finally, you can also create create folders, upload to or drag files into them, then share that folder allowing others to access all of the files at once.

To share a folder, click the folder name in the left hand sidebar of your dashboard, then simply click "share" at the top of the folder view. 

This will open a modal with the folder URL, as well as a switch to enable or disable folder access. When the switch is "disabled" the URL for that folder will not work. To share a folder, you must set the switch to "active".
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